It doesn't exist? Let me draw it!

I’m a concept artist and illustrator since 2004. I'm experienced in character and creature design, 2d post-production and marketing art for video games.

Now and then I'm drawing illustrations for pen&paper games like The Dark Eye (Ulisses Spiele) or character portraits as private commissions. Besides I'm working on a personal worldbuilding project named Ardanea.

In addition I'm responsible for gui styling and implementation in Unity3D, working closely with the game design and coding department.

My tools and styles

My favorite tools of the trade are Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Most of my illustrations have a semi-realistic look, but I can also work in comical or simplified cel-shading styles (and vector illustrations) or give my drawings a more traditional touch.

Sometimes I'm experimenting with additional software to sculpt a base in 3d, or participate in animation projects like "Zoomquilts" (Example), but 2d art is my trade.

Skills & Social stuff

Check my gallery and decide for yourself if I work in a style and technique you like. If you don't want to miss updates in my gallery, you can follow me on Artstation, where I also publish selected artworks once in a while:




Demonicon - Concept art, character and creature design
Herokon Online - Cover and other illustrations
MessengeR: Novastorm - Cover illustration
Simon the Sorcerer 5 - 2d Concept Art
The Dark Eye Core Rules - Item illustrations
MessengeR: Starwolf - Cover illustration